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Historical Overview of ROKPA INTERNATIONAL

1980   Establishment of ROKPA INTERNATIONAL.
First activities in India helping Tibetan refugees through sponsorship.
Since 1982   Registration of ROKPA INTERNATIONAL as a tax-free charitable organisation in Switzerland.
Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche returns to Tibet for the first time after fleeing in 1959; he is deeply moved by the situation in his home country.
Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche deals extensively with local government officials in order to provide direct support and help in Tibet.
Establishment of ROKPA United Kingdom.
Establishment of ROKPA Germany and ROKPA Belgium.
Establishment of ROKPA Netherlands.
Commencement of the first projects in Tibet managed and monitored by ROKPA.
Establishment of ROKPA France, ROKPA Austria, ROKPA Spain and ROKPA India.
Establishment of a ROKPA soup kitchen in Kathmandu/Nepal during the coldest months in winter. Street children are picked up and placed in local boarding schools.
Establishment of the ROKPA Clothes Depot.
Establishment of ROKPA Canada, ROKPA USA, ROKPA Italy and ROKPA South Africa.
Establishment of ROKPA Zimbabwe.
Establishment of ROKPA Poland.
The ROKPA Children's Home is established offering 50 children a home and education.
First ROKPA Canada medical clinic in Yushu.
Establishment of ROKPA Switzerland.
ROKPA INTERNATIONAL begins support of a family program in Zimbabwe.
ROKPA Canada brings six Tibetan students to Vancouver to study English. Akong Rinpoche's first visit to Vancouver. Establishment of ROKPA Finland.
Yushu Orphanage School graduates first medical school class. All of the students go on the medical college in Hainan.
Dartsedo school graduates medical class. Rokpa Canada's seventh annual clinic in Yushu.
In November, 2010, a team of 10 Rokpa Canada medical volunteers conducted free medical clinics in the Tibetan village of Trinyi, outside of Shangri-La town, in Yunnan Province. The team consisted of six physicians, two physiotherapists, and an ultrasound technician.

Well over 130 projects are managed in Tibet, Nepal and Zimbabwe. ROKPA is present in 18 countries worldwide.

For more history of the organization, please visit the international web site at

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