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Canadian Kids Helping Tibetan Kids

Birthday Gifts for Tibet
For her eleventh birthday Lauren Pickles asked her friends not to buy her a present but to donate $5 to Rokpa. She collected money and added her own to make a total of $100.

Jacob Lahti Makes Jam for Tibetan Students
"Chunga Lhamo came to stay with us in March 2002. She is from Tibet and lives in an orphanage in a town called Yushu. She was studying English here. While she was here we went tubing at Cypress Mountain, skiing at Whistler and we played mini-hockey. We had so much fun together. Her favourite band was Blink 182. The time went by so quickly and before we knew it, it was time for her to go home. We were sad.

In the fall, we had lots and lots of grapes in the backyard and my Mom said let's make some grape jelly. I made a batch myself and sold it outside the IGA. I thought it would be a good idea to give the money to Chunga Lhamo and her friends. I thought it was really fun doing it and I talked to lots of people about my friend Chunga Lhamo."

Fasting for Tibet
Ben Tannenbaum is undertook a 30 hour fast with other members of his grade 11 class at St. John's School, May4th-5th. They are doing this to acknowledge all the children in the world today who live in poverty with insufficient food or resources. Ben would like the money he raises for this event to go to Rokpa Canada to provide food, education and opportunity to Tibetan orphans in a sustainable way. Particularly he wanted to donate a female yak, a dri, so school children could have a milk supply.

Jacob Lathi
Jacob Lahti

Ben Tannenbaum

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