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Yushu Students University Bound

In the Fall 2003 Rokpa Canada newsletter you can read two stories on the visit of 6 Tibetan students to Vancouver to study English. The 47 students in their class at the Yushu school have know graduated and due to new Chinese government regulations they will need to attend a university for four more years before they will be allowed to practice traditional Tibetan medicine. The 47 graduating students are already included in targets for future doctors in the Qinghai health care plan. There is a desperate local shortage of doctors and their needs are so acute, that the government is willing to make a special case to admit all 47 students in one class to the Medical University at Xining for four years.

When they complete the 4 years, they will have the only guaranteed employment available at this time. They will be fully recognised doctors within the Chinese system. But the local government is too poor to support them. Funding for the 6 students who came to Vancouver has been promised by their Canadian host families. However there are still 41 students who will require support in order to continue their education.

Their annual expenses will be about $3300. Donors are needed to assist these students during their four year programme since this unexpected expense is beyond the budget of the Yushu School which will be housing 150 young students next year including a new class of 50 students.

You could provide total or partial support for one or more students. If you would like to specifically support this initiative please indicate on the donation form that this is where you would like your donation to go.

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